• Anonymity/discretion: By registration your full name must be listed. This is only for internal purpose/internal guestlists.
  • No visual or noticeable intoxication or drugs allowed. At special events exceptions regarding alcohol is made.
  • Anonymity is important. Who you meet at the club – stays at the club.
  • Good hygiene. A shower is demanded if you didn´t have the time at home.
  • Always ask for permission before touching someone, And a “no thank you” must be respected.
  • Rules regarding chains and curtains must be respected. If a chain or curtain is blocking your way, it is forbidden to remove it out of curiosity. Violation leads to expultion.
  • Condoms is a must, unless otherwise agreed amongst participants. Both parties are responsible.
  • Unless agreed by Tucan club, no filming or photos are allowed. Cellphones must therefore be placed in lockers, and can not be taken inside the club.
  • Drinks not bought in Tucan Club is not allowed. If you buy drinks (including coffee), they can not be brought to playareas/halls, with the exception of waterbottles with caplids. All drink brought to the wellness-area comes in special “glasses”, and bottles may therefore not be consumed anywhere but in our bar-area.
  • Our salad-bar, wich is placed in the bar, is open every Friday and Saturday from 22.00 to 00.00. The salad-bar must only be enjoyed in the bar and disco-areas. Waste is kindly placed in trash-cans.
  • Smoking is only permitted in our designated smoking area and outdoors. Exception is the outdoor spa. Furthermore, smoking is forbidden on the terrace during foam-events and during dinner on summer-eves.
  • Special rules for our wellness area: Please always read the infoboards in Tucan. Always take a bath just before the use of the spa. You have to take it in the wellness-area. eventhough you perhaps showered in another area. Show your fellow guests, that you take care of them and yourself. It is very important, that only one person at a time enters the spa. Otherwise the water overflows, and the water will be cold for a long time. Furthermore does the overflow create very slippery floors – so please walk slowly. Be careful when going from spa to steamshowers and vica verca. Take a cold shower in between – both for hygienic reasons and for your wellbeing.
  • No later than at 20.00, you must change to dresscode. Notice it is only permitted wearing regular clothes in our bar-area untill 20.00. If you move around in the club before this time, you must change to dresscode. On “hard core/Extreme theme nights”, everyone must change to dresscode immediately after check-in. On those nights dresscode is required even during tours.
  • Agelimit is 18 years.


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