Thursdays from 19.00-24.00 o’clock

Fridays from 18.00-02.00 o’clock

Saturdays from 18.00-02.00 o’clock


We have 1,5 couple + girl-nights per month means each 3. Saturday – only on Saturdays. The remaining Saturdays are mixed nights for both couples and singles.

2-3 Sundays per year a special event called “Dark Desires” takes place. Read more on this topic in “special events”.

We offer a guided tour (in regular clothing) on every opening night, except on our Extreme Nights. The tour starts all nights at 19.30.

All guests arrive in their everyday nice clothes. On regular nights it is allowed to wear your regular clothes, but only in our bar-area and until 20.00 – after this you must change to dresscode.

During “hard core nights”, you must wear dresscode from entering – this includes new guests.


Are you ready for a super naughty evening? Contact us on phone or by e-mail, to get signed up.

Remember, if your a member you can use the Sign Up feature via the Calendar.