We made a really great deal with a 4-star hotel called “Kryb i ly”.
Which is located only 10 minutes from the club.

If you call them at 75562555 and inform them of the discount code: Tucan, you recieve a very good price. ;o)

The prize, including a double-room, breakfast and a taxi to and from the club (on certain times, with other guests), is only 749 kroner.

This is a super offer! A 4-star hotel with indoor swimmingpool and sauna. Delicious breakfast, with everything your heart desires.  Taxi from and back to the hotel. All this for only 795,- Kroner. for 2 people in a double room.

So, get going and spoil yourself – and get an evening/night you will never forget.

On Fridays and Saturdays a taxi will leave from the hotel at 18.45, and return from the club at 01.30. Please inform the staff upon your arrival, if you wish to use this service. A taxi during other timeframes is at your own expence.

At evenings with special events including dinner at Tucan club, a taxi will depart earlier than above mentioned.

At the hotel you will recieve a taxi-card. It is important, that you read it thoroughly and bring it for check-in at Tucan. If you fail to bring it, the returning taxi is not included in the prize.


If the hotel is fully booked recommend Hotel Scandic ondy 5 minutes from Tucan (by highway exit 63).

You can also book a room at this Hotel, but  unfortunately we do not have a taxi appointment  from here. Still the price for the room is much cheaper if you book with our code, which is  : D000025431.

Price for a doubleroom is on Thursdays 900 dkr. and on Fridays and Saturdays the price is 700 dkr.

Single room is  795 kr on Thursdays and  725 kr on Fridays and Saturdays

Prices are including breakfast.

Scandic;  tlf. 75517700 – ring eller tjek deres hjemmeside

Please call us, if you have any questions.


Are you ready for a super naughty evening? Contact us on phone or by e-mail, to get signed up.

Remember, if your a member you can use the Sign Up feature via the Calendar.