Description of our rooms:


This is where you pronounce your arrival, is handed a key to the lockers (and return it after your visit) and settle payments for drinks etc.


Here you can buy drinks. Your key is stored here after you change t dresscode (you can claim it if you need someting from your locker). This will provide greater security instead of risking loosing it during your visit.
our staff is here primarily to help you. If you have any problems at all, feel free to contact them immediatly.
Drinks, with the exception of waterbottles, can only be enjoyed here, in the disco and in the wellness-area (not in the playrooms).

Joint room

In the joint room, everyone is allowed to enter and watch. Here you can be invited to play and it´s an obvious place to offer your “services” of others. Just remember to ask before you touch.

Red light 1 & 2

Small private rooms located at groundlevel.


A small movie theater where different naughty movies with various themes are shown. The nights theme will be proclaimes by a sign outside the room.
This room is located by the halls towards the wellness-area.

The view

Nice semi-closed joint room located at ground level.
As the name applies, the room has a wonderful panorama. The matress is surrounded by windows on 3 sides.


Cozy, private room located at ground level.

Sybian, basement

Very small private room. Here you´ll find our sexmashine: Sybian. Equipment can be borrowed in the bar – according to our rules. If the hatch in the door is open, you are welcome to enter.

Waterfall, first floor

Private room

Loft, second floor

The loft is reserved for couples. Singles are only welcome, when invited. Please be careful walking up and down the stairs – it´s steep.
During “hard core nights”, the loft is dedicated bi- and bi-curious people. The rule regarding couples/singles remains withstanding.


You are welcome in bringing your drinks here., just remember to pour them into plastic-cups. Remember to rinse off before entering the spa.
When the light in the spa turns off, everybody must exit – it will start again 10 minutes later.

Disco, night club

As described above, you are welcome in bringing your drinks to this room. Likewise, please have sex and of course “swing” with your hips.
If you smoke, located here is the door to an adjacent smoking-room.
The volume of the music is louder here than in the bar.

Private rooms

These rooms are noticable by a curtain and a chain by the door.
The chain is used, when you want to be looked at, at a distance, and without allowing anyone else from entering. If you choose to draw the curtain it means: “The door is closed”. It is not permitted for others to take a peek.


Use of the club and lockers are at your own risk. We notify, that for your safety our locker-rooms are under video-surveillance.
Here you can also find hairdryers and straighteners.
In the lockers, you are allowed to check your cell-phone, since it can´t be brought anywere else in the club.

Dark room

A joint room.
In the dark room, located by the wellness-area, other rules for curtains applies. To make sure, that the room is in fact dark, the curtain is always drawn. Here you are allowed to enter anyway. The rule concerning asking before touching remains and must be respected.
Notice: There are gloryholes in the dark room.

Basement 1 + 2

In the basement you find 2 private rooms. One with a bed, and one with a gyneological bed and a cross. For those of youwho want the opportunity of privacy.
Notice: The room with the cross is reserved for sensous play – it is not suited for floggings.

Mirror room, first floor

A nice semi-dark room, where different patterns are projected onto the matress. The patterns change every minute, giving both the room and those in it a very special effect.

Glory, first floor

Joint room. Here you´ll find gloryholes with the possibility of looking through windows – so you can see who is “taking care” of you.

Tantra room, first floor

This is a joint room – with reservations.
Unless invited by a couple, singles are not allowed.
In this room, a great deal of respect must be shown. Only soft-sex is allowed.
No group-sex and no talking and laughing amongst yourself.
A quiet seance between 3 people is allowed, if it happens without disturbance to others.
It is required that you lie on a towel when playing. Remember to leave the place as you would like to find it.

SM-loft, first floor

Joint room. Since our SM room is adjacent to a hall, a door is installed. If the door is closed, you are still allowed to enter. It is important to be quiet and respectful if someone is already in the room.
Props: Cross, cage, swing, pillory, fixationchair and bench.
Unfortunately we don´t have additional equipment, but you are most welcome in bringing your own.

Cabin, first floor

Small, private room


Bathrooms and showers are located in the hall by the bar-area, in the wellness-area, by the entrance to the basement and on the first floor.

Big terrace

The terrace is used for events throughout the year. On special events the terrace will be lit and heated if necessary. During wintertime, the terrace os otherwise closed off – but you will always have the possibility to step out to “cool off”.
In the summertime, this is where we arrange barbeques, summer parties etc.
You can also smoke here, and enjoy your drinks (in plastic-cups).

Small terrace

This is where our outdoor spa is located. Notice only 6-7 people fits in the spa at a time.


Are you ready for a super naughty evening? Contact us on phone or by e-mail, to get signed up.

Remember, if your a member you can use the Sign Up feature via the Calendar.