If you meet someone you know – smile. They are here for the same reason you are. Just remember discretion, wich is the key-word in the swinger-community. Who you meet is nobodys buisness outside the club. If you “forget” this rule – you have had your last visit.

It is not very charming being drunk. Your performances will also be in jeopardy. Our alcohol-politic states, that it is not okay to be drunk. We accept happy people and if you need an extra drink for courage – if your ethics remains.

We will try our best to prevent driving under influence. It is not permitted to use or be intoxicated by drugs.

Remember not to bring drinks into play-areas. It is very embarrasing to knock it over! Drinks in bottles must be poured into plastic-cups if brought to our wellness-area. Help each other to remember this. It creates a good atmosphere, when we all take care of the club.

When you move around the joint areas, remember to show regards. If you want to be invited – make eye-contact – this in it self can be the question for participating, but always wait for accept before “taking to it”.
Keep an appropriate distance to both matresses and playing guests alike. Standing too close without permission can be a real turn-off for some.

The club has a dresscode wich applies for everyone. This means no towels around the waist or chest. You are not nearly as sexy looking, as if you return to dresscode after “playing”.

Obey the rules of the rooms. You will be frowned upon if you are one of those who do not clean up after yourself., don´t use towels to lie upun, don´t shower before entering the spa, don´t ask before touching or simply dosn´t follow the simple rules we uphold. This can in worst case scenario result in expultion.

We advocate safe sex. We can of course not list it as a demand, as we do not wish to meddle in our guests internal arrangements. For your own sake – remember to protect you and your partner(s). We maintain, that it is the responsibility of both sexes to use condoms. And last but not least: Remember to clean up after yourself. Nobody wants to slip in an used condom.

Should you have an accident with wet sheets, spilled drinks, broken rules etc., please notify our staff. You will help every one by not leaving it – giving other guests a bad experience.

Come and have an amazing night in one of Europes most beautiful and friendliest clubs.


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