Welcome to the page: “First time in Tucan Club”.

Find useful information and hopefully answers to many of the questions you might have, when visiting an erotic nightclub for the first time. It will be beneficial to look through the videos below, and thereby get ready for your first visit.

You can not arrive unannounced. Remember to always be signed up before arrival. If the club is full or a waiting list for single men are in use that evening, you will be rejected by the door. Letting us know you are coming, can save yourself a long trip.

The first time you visit, we would like to welcome you by giving you a tour. These tours starts at 19.30 Thursdays and at 20.00 Friday and Saturdays. Please consider in your planning of the evening to arrive early, to make sure you can participate. During the tour we will inform you of the rules in the club and how to get the best evening. We open the doors at 19.00.

When you check-in, you will recieve a key to a locker and a bracelet with the key-number. When you´ve changed your clothes, you can lock your belongings in the locker and leave the key in the bar, where we will keep it safe.

If you buy drinks in the bar, they will be charged to your key-number and you pay when you leave the club.

You can at any point during the night go to the bar and pick up your key if you need something from your locker, or maybe check your cell-phone.

Towels are available in the bar, and you can get new ones by demand. Notice only one towels are inclided in the entry-fee. If you need more, 10 kroner will be added to your bill.

You will find condoms in every room. If you prefer special types or sizes, please bring them yourself.

Parking: We would like our guests to park appropriately. It is a big parking-lot, and if you arrive early, please set a good example. During the night, a lot of cars will be arriving and it will be full. It is very important not to park with too much distance to the next car. If possible, please park next to an already parked car – this way we make sure nobody gets blocked in.

Between 40 and 50 new guests arrive every weekend, and many of these return with a 1 year membership. You can convert your guest-ticket to a membership (let us know when you check out). This way you only pay a membership prize the first night as well, and forwardly saves 200 kroner each visit, as long as you´re a member.

We can´t wait to welcome you to a world of possibilities.

See you in Tucan Club

Mie & Torben





Are you ready for a super naughty evening? Contact us on phone or by e-mail, to get signed up.

Remember, if your a member you can use the Sign Up feature via the Calendar.